First meeting with the Boss - Revolution Bioengineering
05 May

First meeting with the Boss

We had our first meeting today with Bill Liao, the head of SOS Ventures and the entire Synbio Axlr8r summer program.  This was our first real conversation with anybody anywhere about business thinking and strategy for a science company.  It was really eye opening, and it made it clear that some of our scientific planning and preparation we did ahead of arriving in Cork was time wasted (but certainly not all).

And it was also clear that the amount of work we have to do is staggering.  So much of success is going to be based on how much of a web presence we have, how many people are our tweet friends, (or however that works), how many people are seeing our webpage, and how many are talking about us in teh interwebs.

Developing a media/web profile for the company is a daunting task, and pretty far outside the skillset I have thus far developed as a scientist and in life.  However I have a summer to do nothing but devote all my time to developing this business in every dimension, so let’s see in three months how things have gone.

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