Greenhouse management What color is this?

Digital Trends This bioengineered flower changes from white to red on demand

Gizmag These flowers change color when you feed them beer

FastCoExist “These biohacked petunias change color on demand”

Genetic Literacy ProjectCan color-changing flowers help change minds of GMO skeptics?

SmithsonianWould You Like to Grow Color-Changing Flowers?

Der SpiegelMorgens rot, abends blau

Get Syn Bio Beautiful Biotechnology: Color-Changing Flowers

Motherboard – Vice Will People Actually Buy Color Changing, Biohacked Flowers?

UC Davis Today Color-changing petunias on their way

Addgene Story of a SynBio Startup: RevBio’s Epiphany (or Lack Thereof)

The Northern Colorado Business Review- Startup works on color-changing petunia

The Silicon Republic - An interview with Revolution Bioengineering co-founder and CEO, Keira Havens

The Coloradoan - Fort Collins Firm develops flowers that change colors
*NOTE — Flowers are in development at this point in time.

New Mexico Consortium 2012 q-bio Summer School Graduate Co-founds Company Developing Color-Changing Flowers

PerishableNews.comRevolution Bioengineering developing petunias whose flowers change color

Press Releases

  1. Introducing Revolution Bioengineering
  2. Revolution Bioengineering receives $60,000 investment from SynBio AXLR8R
  3. Revolution Bioengineering launches crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo


Color change on demand: White to Red infographic
Continuously color changing flower infographic


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