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19 Jan

Nikolai’s advice for Entrepreneurs

Nikolais advice for entrepreneurs

I was asked for 7 points of advice for entrepreneurs by Startup Basecamp for their blog. In my time as an entrepreneur, I have read a lot of other startup advice that is very specific, or for advanced stages of business and glosses over the fundamentals. Fundamentals are everything. You win based on fundamentals, not on flea flickers and fumblerooskis.

Keira and I started up our consumer biotechnology company RevBio in 2013, and each of us has had a lot to learn in our transition from science/military/academia/normal life to being business people. But we have done it, and when reflecting on the key points to remember for success, it’s basically that list.

The 8th point that didn’t make the cut is to always make time for grapefruit cocktails.

That’s pretty important too.



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